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 Clan talk rules/ How to ask for a clan.

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PostSubject: Clan talk rules/ How to ask for a clan.   Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:39 pm

How to Post a Good Recruit Topic/ How to Join a Clan

Why this is important

Recruitment is very important to succeed in a clan. You can not keep going and doing your thing without your fellow mates. Many people jpin clans or at least try to. This is a ahard thing because you do no know the quality people bring sometimes. People also struggle when they do not know how to adapt in with a group of people. Finding a clan can be tiring and hard, but there are some steps in making it easiier into getting in a good clan that you like, and that makes a difference in the community that they play in.

What Quality clans post?:

Must Haves

How to make Good Recruitment Topics\

Follow the rules above as they help alot. Make your thread look clean so that people know you mean bussinus. GFX would help with this, also any clan logos would work. In your topic describe the theme of your clan. Describe what you are trying to do for the community. Many people join clans for certain things.


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When you post a thread of this sort, making a application is very popular for people to fill out. It is easier to pick your favorites and more high leveled and skilled people like this. The form can consist of anything. Mostly the rules and what you can bring to the clan or group is posted. Or, tell people to PM if you do not want to bother posting a App. I highly reccomend doing so though.

How to look/ join a Clan

The first thing i would do when joining a clan, is to play or communicate with these people first. If you feel that you like them or they are the type you like to play with, ask them about joining. When joining a clan in the PS3 section, you want to find a organized topic. It should tell you all the facts and deteails about to joining, and about the clan in general. You do not want to join a clan that has no iddea how to play the game, and has just started playing Xbox. This is whay, you want to play witht hem first as well.

Why being a Loyal Member is Important

When you join a clan, you din't want to just goof off. You are suppossed to have fun, but in a manner that you are contributing to your team or group. You have to do things on your part to help the clan.


MW3 Trickshot Clan, Clip Every Week etc.

Good Traits

Do your things on time
Be there for the team
Play with the team
Be Respectful
Challenge yourself to Get Better
Ask if you can work on something


This is a prime example of a trickshotting team. This is what you can do to make your team like and respect you more. If you don't do these things, you can also get kicked out. Thats not fun at all.

Popular Clan Logos

Faze Clan

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Optic Gaming

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M40A3 Sniping

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Dare Sniping

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Don't forget the rules here from Rated. Thanks.
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Clan talk rules/ How to ask for a clan.
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